Sakal Times: PPPP the need of the hour: Arun Maira

12 Jun 2014ST Correspondent

MUMBAI: Emphasising the need for people to be the focal point of any development activity, Arun Maira, Head of India Backbone Implementation Network (IBIN) of the Planning Commission of India recommended the need to adopt the people-public-private-partnership (PPPP) model to solve all developmental challenges.

Maira was speaking at the ‘Water for All’ lab of the Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) of Sakal Media Group (SMG) at the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Contemporary Studies in the Kalina campus of the University of Mumbai on Thursday.

Maira said, “The world-over, several development projects are undertaken through the PPP model, but we must add another P, the people. People should be the centre of all developmental issues. Interaction with stakeholders from beginning to end will make a difference.”

According to Maira, the Asian Development Bank had stated that India had the maximum number of PPPs in Asia.

“A human being is entitled to water, whether he or she can pay for it or not, and hence it is important to understand the most important P, the people”, Maira told participants during his two-hour interaction with members of the lab, which has entered its fourth week now. According to Maira, while tacking developmental challenges, the root cause of the problem had to be addressed first. He expressed confidence that the participants attending the lab would come out with implementable solutions.

“It is heartening to see that representatives of government departments are interacting with NGOs and independent experts in achieving the goal of making Maharashtra a drought-free state”, Maira said.

Maira complimented PEMANDU for bringing out a world-class ‘lab’ methodology and appreciated Sakal Media Group Managing Director Abhijit Pawar and his team for their ‘passionate enthusiasm’ in addressing the water challenges of the State.

The six-week lab is being conducted by the DCF in collaboration with the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU) of the Government of Malaysia, the State government, and IBIN, supported by the University of Mumbai.

The socio-economic transformation model of PEMANDU undertaken by Sakal Media Group needs to be showcased across India

— Arun Maira


The initiative of the Delivering Change Foundation and Sakal Media Group is very important. The deliberations in the ‘Water for All’ lab will be beneficial to Maharashtra and India. Water is an important issue today and I am sure that experts, representatives of governments and NGOs together will come out with solutions.

— Popatrao Pawar, former sarpanch, Hiware Bazaar, Ahmednagar district.