At BFR Institute, we will work closely with our clients to envision their true north, actualise plans and strategies through our lab process to deliver transformational changes through implementation and performance monitoring.

Through our BFR methodology, our team will provide an end to end delivery where we take our clients’ vision or policies and go down to the trenches to ensure that the key messages and objectives resonates all the way from top management down to the grassroots.

We assist governments and private sector clients to formulate, implement and monitor an agenda of change that delivers concrete and tangible results. Our role is to facilitate and provide the delivery methodology process and experience with solutions that deliver Big Fast Results.



  • It is very amazing! It's not about the programme. It is the implementation process, the way it is managed, the enforcement process, the monitoring, the documentation, and facilitation which is very important.

    Ludovick James Nduhiye

    Cabinet Assistant Secretary / Cabinet Secretariat, Tanzania

  • Very insightful. There's a lot to be learned and I believe that in terms of principles, the BFR methodology is universally applicable. In terms of the module, of course you have to think how you can adapt this given module to particular circumstances and into a given political, economic and social context.

    Arman Khachaturyan

    CEO, National Competitiveness Foundation, Armenia

  • Malaysia's ETP is a great model of how the public and private sector can work together for the good of the nation by contributing towards GNI and jobs creation. Having been part of the ETP development, GE looks forward to continue contributing to Malaysia's growth.

    Stuart Dean

    CEO General Electric

  • From the results we've seen so far after reviewing many of the initiatives, it is clear that the results are showing benefits. We are seeing increased investment in the nation. There's real movement.

    Michael Thatcher

    Chief Technology Officer, Asia, Microsoft Corporation